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Kacanovy 64, Kacanovy, 511 01

This fabulous timbered house was built at the beginning of the 19th century in the place of a previous old building. In front of it, there is an equestrian sculpture of St. George made by a folk artist in 1826. It is situated in the middle of the forest, on the platform of Hruboskalsko, and is considered one of the best known monuments of folk architecture in Český Ráj.

The Kopicův Statek (Kopic Farmhouse) is situated on the platform of Hruboskalsko, 1 km to the south from Valdštejn, near Kacanovy. The house was built in 1787 by Jiří Jiroš, a farmer. Vojtěch Kopic, one of the later owners, was interested in national history and was a keen lay artist. During the Second World War, he was helping with renovation work on an old cottage, and a neighbour - stonemason - taught him to cut stones. From the forties until the time he died, Vojtěch Kopic then carved relief sculptures in the rocks, depicting heroes and events from our history (St. Wenceslas, Jánošík, Duchess Libuše) and nature motifs.

The Kopicův Farmhouse is considered one of the most remarkable monuments of folk architecture in the Jizera region.

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