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Hotel Zámek Hrubá Skála

Accommodation furnishing

Classification: *** Facilities: room with shower Facilities: room with WC Facilities: communal bathroom Facilities: TV in the room Facilities: WiFi Facilities: conference room Facilities: grill, fireplace Facilities: garden, terrace Facilities: training equipment Facilities: dance floor Facilities: bike rental Facilities: sporting equipment rental Facilities: car park Facilities: coach parking Facilities: animals accepted Facilities: credit cards accepted Facilities: safe Additional services: breakfast Additional services: half board Additional services: full board Additional services: massage, physiotherapy Additional services: conference services


Total capacity of beds: 105
Additional beds: 7
Total number of rooms: 43
Types of room: twin, three-bed, four-bed, suites
Number of double rooms: 32
Number of three-bed rooms: 1
Number of four-bed room: 6
Number of suites: 4

The Hotel Zámek Hrubá Skála offers accommodation in the converted building old chateau built on the sandstone rocks high above the valley of the Lubuňka River, approximately 10 km from Turnov, in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise region.

The Hotel Zámek Hrubá Skála offers several categories of accommodation. The Lux and Kastelán rooms have an ensuite bathroom (shower) and toilet and are equipped with a TV and satellite connection. Rooms in the Tour category do not have their own bathroom and toilet, but guests can use the shared bathroom and toilet on the same floor. The hotel is ideal for organising weddings, conferences, seminars and training sessions, in the grand rooms of the chateau, the chateau restaurant, and the medieval tavern. A wide range of activities can be arranged, from leisure activities to bike hire, horse-riding, sightseeing flights, paragliding, mountain climbing, or even concerts or historical shows.

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