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Proud rope climbing centre


Harrachov, 512 46

GSM:+420 603 777 255
The Proud rope climbing centre is situated at the confluence of the Jizera and Mumlava rivers and occupies an area of 5,500 m2.

In the rope centre you are awaited by a centre of low obstacles, a newly opened centre of low obstacles for teams, several problem solving activities, 10 high obstacles for individuals and 5 for teams (from 4 to 11 metres above the ground) and a tower with several vertical obstacles and a platform located 12 m above the ground. There is an 80-metre cableway from the platform.

Tasteful and convenient background facilities are commonplace with us. The centre features two fireplaces and two arbours offering cosy shelter in adverse weather. It is possible to freshen up in the Jizera River, only 10 m from the centre.

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