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Sloup v Čechách rope climbing centre

mailSloup v Cechach

Sloup v Čechách, 471 52

GSM:+420 728 012 142
Adrenalin experience for adults and children alike. The ropes are suspended from 5 to 9 metres above the ground.

Come and enjoy climbing in treetops and overcoming many different obstacles hanging 5 - 9 m above the ground.

There are two circuits suitable for children and adults alike, individuals as well as groups, classes of students or campers, in short: everyone who feels like trying something extraordinary and exciting and is at least 130 cm tall.

We recommend wearing solid boots and sports clothes for greater comfort. We will lend you any other necessary equipment.

July - August all the days of the week 10:00 - 19:00 open
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