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Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit Other facilities: Refreshments Sports facilities: Beach volleyball


Fojtka, 463 31

The dam is located between Mníšek u Liberce and Fojtka and the water is supplied from the Fojtův Brook.

The Fojtka water reservoir (also called Fojtecká Dam or Mníšecká Dam) was built on the Fojtecký Brook 6 km to the northeast from the centre of Liberec. The construction was commenced in May 1904 and completed on 31st July 1906. The walled dyke is 11 m high and 146. 5 m long. The reservoir occupies the area of 7 hectares, average depth is approximately 10 m.

It is known for the presence of salmonoid fish. The reservoir is used as a swimming-pool; one of the banks is a naturalist beach. The banks provide a lot of space for sunbathing and for e.g. ball games as well.

Area: 7 hectares

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