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Tennis court - Pension Česká hospoda

Number of courts: 1 Other facilities: refreshments, parking Courts: outdoor

mailJablonne v Podjestedi

Heřmanice v Podještědí 116, Jablonné v Podještědí, 471 25

Phone:+420 487 762 299
GSM:+420 602 603 797
In the main building in Pension Česká hospoda at the back of the garden there is a multi-purpose tennis court with an artificial surface, which can also be used to play volleyball or legball. Pension Česká hospoda is situated in the town Heřmanice v Podještědí by town Jablonné v Podještědí, in region Lusetian Mountains.

In the office on the 1st floor by the bowling alley you can hire tennis rackets.

On the ground floor of the main building there is a changing-room and showers available for players. Sportsmen and women who still have some strength left after their tennis match can visit the gym on the ground floor of the main building.

Prices: 80 CZK/hour

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