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Vesecký rybník – Teichmühle – Tajch

Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit


Chatařská, Liberec

Teichmühle Pond is located in the Liberec suburb called Vesec near the cottages and gardens.

Nice location for swimming and for trips and walks. Although the pond is located in the city of one hundred thousand people in its area live many species of animals and plants. You can have a walk along the Nature Trail, which leads around the pond.


Walk to the pond from Vesec bus stop Jeřmanická (bus 13, 24, 26), where the Nature Trail starts (1.4 km to the pond) or from Vratislavice tram stop Kyselka (tram 5, 11) through the Nature Trail Mojžíšův pramen (3.5 km to the pond). If you travel by car, parking is available at the Sports facilities Vesec (600 meters).

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