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Mnichovo Hradiste

Olšina, Olšina, 294 11

The natural monument called Studený Průchod - Cold Passage is situated 2 km to the south of Březina.

The long rock fissure was used by the Austrian army that in 1866 placed a cannon battery on the top. The name (Cold Passage) is connected with the especially cold air maintained in the rock gap even in summer periods. The locality is accessible e. g. along the yellow trail from Kurovodice (up the steep slope) or along the red trail from Drábské Světničky to the restaurant called Na Vyhlídce. The blue trail is nearly identical. However, the red trail is led through lookout terraces of Mužský Hill that provide spectacular views of the surrounding of Březina and Mnichovo Hradiště and (in good weather) Ještěd as well.

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