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Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit

Services and facilities: Dogs allowed


Bedřichov, 468 12

The dam is situated in a forest valley of the Černá Nisa River near Bedřichov.

The water from the reservoir is drained through underground piping along the left bank of the Nisa River to the power station in distant Rudolfov. The dyke is walled, 15 metres high and about 340 m long. The water reservoir was built between 1902 and 1905; its area is approximately 42 hectares. Average depth is some 15 metres. Because of the locality and surrounding area, the place is a popular tourist destination. In summer, it offers swimming, in winter you can ski on the frozen surface. The bottom is muddy; one of the banks is used by naturists.

Area: 42 hectares.

Depth: 15 m.

Locality: 3 km to the north from Bedřichov, 13 km from Liberec.

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