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Canoeing Jizera

The Jizera is wild river. We can read this in many boating periodicals. The river is quite demanding for paddlers in its upper, mountainous part, followed by the calm middle of the river, which starts in Podspálov above Železný Brod and ends in the valley of the Polabská lowland in a pleasant calm, unlike the Vltava or Lužnice full of paddlers. The tourist cruise on the Lower Jizera can be divided into several natural sections, of course, skilled paddlers can do more than that in a day if they think of the cruise purely as a sport paddle without contact with the surroundings. Paddlers and tourists make the most of the sections in the Bohemian Paradise. There are also several rental agencies and outdoor travel agencies. 

Spálov (Paraplíčko) - Malá Skála (Žlutá plovárna or Křížky) 

After sailing and possible frolicking on the rapids of Paraplíčko the passage through Železný Brod follows. From the weir a long embankment leads to the power plant and thus is only passable for about 1 km in very high conditions. Shortly after Železný Brod we come across the dam in Splzov. The dam is on the right. If there is not enough water below the dam in lower water levels most boaters continue on the embankment. 

Around the bend you can see the ridge of the Pantheon on Mala Skála. There are several boat, scooter and other attraction rentals in this sports centre of the Bohemian Paradise. 

Malá Skála - Dolánky 

The Malá Skála weir is almost always passable below the yellow one, the slipway in the middle is a bit scrubby in low water, but there is no danger of the boat breaking through. Behind the bridge on the left bank is Boucek's farmstead (Boučkův statek). Less than two kilometres below, in the village of Křížky, there is a refreshment facility on the right by the second footbridge. The section from Malá Skála to Dolánky (Turnov) is the most traveled part of the lower Jizera, yet even in summer it is not as full of boats as the Vltava, Sázava and Lužnice. A beautiful valley, invites a stop. The weir at Dolánky carries over the right bank. This is where most paddlers end up. Here you can visit the Dlask farmstead (Dlaskův statek) - an ethnographic exposition of the Turnov museum or the House of Nature of the Bohemian Paradise where you can get acquainted with the local nature. 
Dolánky - Mnichovo Hradiště 

From Dolánky you pass through a pleasant valley with the Hrubá Hora chateau and the town of Turnov. You can visit both... The following weir has been reconstructed, it is a bag weir and there is no boathouse. It is necessary to move the boat to the right after the fish crossing. The following sections are in a nice, although already lowland landscape, a decent flowing river, calmed above the weirs. You pass Přepery, Ploukonice, Příšovice. The Jizera continues to meander through the open countryside but avoids the centres of villages and still retains decently clean water and surroundings interesting not only by nature: Svijany Brewery, Drábské světničky, Mnichovo Hradiště. 

Mnichovo Hradiště - confluence with the Elbe 

In a similar spirit you can continue on to the confluence with the Elbe - via Mladá Boleslav, Benátky nad Jizerou (slalom course) and many other interesting places. 
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