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The canoeing Jizera

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The Jizera River rises on the Polish side of the Jizera Mountains, near Smrk mountain. 

Soon afterwards it enters the Jizera Peat Bog National Nature Reserve, where it meanders and forms the state border. Its slope increases above where it meets the Jizerka brook, and is a very diffi cult river until it joins the Mumlava. After that the diffi culty level ranges from WW III to WW IV. It becomes a river suitable for open tourist boats from Paseky nad Jizerou, although it is navigable from there to Podspálov only during the spring thaw or after rain; there are several impassable weirs on the river in the section to Semily. Below the town of Semily the river cuts into a canyon (the Rieger Trail), where the diffi culty level again increases to WW IV. A section suitable for tourist craft starts at the end of the gorge, from where the river meets the Kamenice in Podspálov. 

The upper part of the river down to Malá Skála is navigable especially in spring or after rain. It is passable from Malá Skála for most of the year except for extremely dry periods when boats get stuck in the shallows where the water fl ow is less than 4 m3. However, a bigger fl ow rate is better for rafts. The river is almost always navigable from Turnov, but there are some dry sections, especially close to some hydroelectric power stations. There is new power plant being built in Prepeře, where the water will be drained directly under the weir, thus making the river more navigable. 

The Jizera weirs do not have gates to navigate as they were not built for rafts. The Malá Skála weir is the only exception. The other weirs are mostly solid and high with a vertical drop. Some of them are more modern - bag or mobile, but they can still be fatally dangerous. Many weirs can only be passed by moving or dragging boats over the top of the weir. 

There are several camp sites along the Jizera. The last camp is at Vostrov near Mnichovo Hradiště. You can buy refreshments or shop in the several villages the river fl ows through along the way. 

Access to the Jizera is generally good, although there are a few short sections that cannot be reached by car. 

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