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Cycle route GW Jizera

Current condition of the cycle route 

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From Jizerka you can follow the forest paths along the Jizera valley to Kořenov. After a short section of quiet C-road, we cross the I/14 road and get to the former road, which was still used by buses to Harrachov in the 1960s. It will take us to the bridge at Mýto crossroad. From there we follow the forest road called Planýrka up the hillside to Paseky nad Jizerou. 

From there we should continue to the Paseky paper mill and further along the Jizera River to Horní Sytová. For this section only a search study of the future trail has been prepared so far. However, the valley is narrow and rocky, so if we choose this route today, we will have to go about 6 km along the I/14 road or take the train for the section from the Rokytnice nad Jizerou railway station to Horní Sytová. We will avoid the going ups, but also the beautiful views from the hills around Vysoké nad Jizerou. 

As a temporary route to avoid the A-road, the route from Paseky via Vysoké nad Jizerou and Škodějov to Háje nad Jizerou is marked today. Here we reach the river again. Here again we do not avoid the road and follow the so-called Pojizerka for about 2.5 km before we reach Benešov u Semil. Here we go up a short but steep hill and then go down to the centre of Semily. From there we will take the cycle path to Bítouchov. 

Below Bítouchov begins the Jizera canyon, through which the Rieger Trail passes. It is narrow, even difficult to walk, and crosses one rock rib through a tunnel. Cyclists are forbidden to enter here! The railway line on the opposite slope passes through four tunnels. Although the construction of a trail in this difficult terrain is intended, natural and administrative obstacles do not yet give hope for an early realisation. The route must therefore leave the river again. This is probably the most unpleasant climb with an elevation of over 150 m. Then, on the other hand, there is a long uninterrupted downhill to the estuary of Vošmenda into the Kamenice and an easy continuation to Železný Brod. 

The section from Železný Brod to Líšný is another nut to crack, because we are still in a valley with steep slopes, where the road passes on the right bank and there is no space left for the cyclists, and on the left bank the railway is, where the situation is not much better.  There is a project here, but the conditions of the river flow and railway authority make the construction project too expensive. Therefore, for the time being, the route leaves the valley and goes up to the settlement of Vrát and then go down to Líšný. 

Here we reach the already built section of the trail. Here, again the compromises had to be made and the short section is at a level under water after rainfall or when the snow melts. In addition, the approximately 150-metre-long section was built at a width of about 1.5 metres, because there was no more space between the riverbed and the railway line. The trail ends in Turnov for the time being. The wide Jizera riverbed provides more space and in the future the path along the flood embankments on the left bank could be adapted. Until now, the trail has been run together with cycle route No. 14 to Přepery. From there, there is already a stabilised route via Mokrý and Ploukonice to Příšovice, Svijany and Loukov. 

From Loukov, the route now temporarily continues via Březina and Kruhy and Podolí to Mnichovo Hradiště. In the future, however, it should continue from the Loukov church to Loukovec and Mohelnice and enter Mnichovo Hradiště via the Hněvousice "island". Furthermore, the bridge nearby Kofola should be rebuilt in the future. 

In the meantime, it is possible to follow the river flow through the town and the bridge to Ptýrovec, or along the right bank on the C-roads through Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, Bakov nad Jizerou-Malá Bělá and Podhradí to Debř resp. Hrdlořezy. 

Here, another phenomenon is added to the problematic slopes, there are soft roads. Especially after rains they tend to be muddy. The first section to Michalovice is not yet so critical, but more difficulties may arise after passing through Mladá Boleslav from Čejetičky through Krnsko to Horky nad Jizerou. In addition, a sewage supply line is going to be made there this year. The section can be crossed by the road on the left bank to Zámostí. The red pedestrian sign continues along the left bank to Podhrušov, where we approach the Jizera Greenway. 

From Horky to Dražice, most of the trail is on a dirt road, which is not easy to get around. From Benátky to Kochánky you go on a dirt but paved road. After Kochánky, on the going up to Sobětuchy, there is loose sand on the road. Until Káraný, the roads and forest paths change several times. After Lázně Toušeň, the cycle path to Zeleneč begins, where route 17 ends at the border with Prague. 

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