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Alternative route: Paseky nad Jizerou – Loukov

Peřimovský most, author: Jiří Morávek

Western Giant Mountains 

From Paseky nad Jizerou we descend on the cycle route No. 22 to Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Continuation on the road I/14 is not recommended especially if we go with children. It is therefore possible to continue for example on the cycle route No. 22 through Rezek to Jilemnice (Museum, monuments) and from there along No. 4207 and 4206 to Peřimov bridge which is the technical monument. Alternatively we can turn and descend through Jestřabí to Poniklá where the Museum of Krkonoše Crafts is located in the upper part of the village. The traditional products here were Christmas decorations made of blown glass pearls. However between Poniklá and Horní Sytová where the road turns to Semily there is no other option than 2.5 km along the A-road. Then on the road II/292 to Dolní Sytová to the Peřimov bridge. From there we continue along the Jizera river to Loukov (map no. 3).

Rokytnice nad Jizerou MIC (Municipal Information Center)

Horní Rokytnice 197, 512 44 Rokytnice n. Jizerou

+420 481 522 001,


Masarykovo namesti 140, 514 01 Jilemnice

+420 481 541 008,

IC Paseky ?? - closed by the end of 2018 due to reconstruction


Giant Mountains Museum in Jilemnice

Museum of Giant Mountains Crafts

Our tip: From Rokytnice by cable car Horní domky (free transport of bicycles and prams) to the cottage Lovčenka and from there a long bike descend to Studenov.

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