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Settlement Jizerka – Kořenov – Vysoké nad Jizerou

Rašeliniště Jizerky, author: Jan Strakoš

Jizera Mountains 

The Jizera river springs in the Polish territory of the Jizera Mountains. The starting point of the Jizera Greenway route is the former glass settlement called Jizerka, nowadays an important summer and winter resort. Numerous tourist destinations in its vicinity are easily accessible by a network of marked hiking and biking trails. You can visit the local museum, go to the peat-bog or walk to the top of Bukovec (erupted basalt heap), which oversees the entire settlement from a height of 1005 m above sea level.

From the central car park in Jizerka we descend to the Jizera valley and further along the river to Kořenov, where you can get by train and also start the route there. At the railway station in Kořenov it is possible to visit the Museum of the Cog Railway. Along the river we reach Na Mýtě, where the Mumlava pours into the Jizera from the left. Behind the stone bridge on Mýto, the route continues along a path called Planýrka to Paseky nad Jizerou, the village of Rais's Zapadlí vlastenci (museum).

If we continued from there through a rocky valley along the river, we would have to go mostly along the A-road or on the Krkonoše cycle routes (see map no. 2, page ... - alternative route). From Paseky nad Jizerou we ascend to the ridge and following it through Sklenařice we drive to Vysoké nad Jizerou.

The reward after overcoming the climb will be the views of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše), Ještěd or Kozákov. On the outskirts of Vysoké nad Jizerou is the impressive villa of the First Republic Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karel Kramář, which bears the influence of Russian architecture and resembles a chateau in size. Today it serves as a hotel. To diversify, we can visit the local museum in Vysoké nad Jizerou.


Information centers along the route (or just Information centers):


Liberec, Jablonec, Frýdlant and Tanvald regions

468 11 Janov nad Nisou 520

phone: +420 606 077 440


Giant Mountains – a union of towns and villages

Zámek 1, 543 01 Vrchlabí

+420 499 405 732,


Kořenov 480, 468 49

+420 725 805 266,

TIC (Tourist Information Center) HARRACHOV

no. 150, 512 46 Harrachov

+420 481 529 600,


U.S. Dr. Kramáře 227, 512 11 Vysoké nad Jizerou

+420 481 593 283,

Points of interest on the route:

Jizera Mountains Museum

Jizerky peat-bog

Stepanka lookout tower

Cog Railway Museum, Kořenov

Homeland Museum for Vysoké nad Jizerou and surroundings


Our tip: From Harrachov by cable railway (possible transport of bicycles) to Čertova hora (1021 m above sea level) and from there a long descent by bike.

In the main tourist season there can be used 6 cycle-bus lines to start cycling trips.

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