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Vysoké n. Jizerou – Loukov – Semily – Železný Brod

Vysoké nad Jizerou, author: Luděk Antoš

Western Giant Mountains - Bohemian Paradise 

From Vysoké nad Jizerou the route goes along the ridge of the mountains through Roprachtice, wherefrom it continues around the U Borovice lookout tower to the settlement of Škodějov. Copper ore was once mined here. From here we continue along dirt-roads descending to the settlement of Loukov, where lovers of technology can visit the local museum called after the owner – Kryštofovy strojní lázně (Kryštof's Machine Spa). Motorcycles and car veterans are taken care of here, but the collections also include cameras and sewing machines.

From Loukov the GWJ route follows the river below the town Semily, which used to be the center of textile production, mainly due to the river flow, which was used by many factories in the past. From Bítouchov Jizera river makes its way through a deep canyon with the Riegrova stezka (for walking only). The cycle route leaves the river here and ascends through Morava to Cimbál, from there it descends into the Vošmenda valley and returns to Jizera in Podspálov. Along the river we will come in Železný Brod - the city of glass and folk architecture. In the past it was one of the centers of the local iron industry and glass industry later on. The art of glass manufacturers can still be admired here in museums or when visiting some local glassblowers and at various events organized by the city.

Information centers:

Semily Tourist Information Center

Husova 2, 513 01 Semily

Phone: 481 624 721,,

Železný Brod Tourist Information Center

U.S. 3. května 1, 468 22 Železný Brod

Tel. 483 333 999,


Lookout tower U borovice

Technique Museum Háje nad Jizerou – Loukov,

Bozkov dolomite caves 

Museum and Pojizerská Gallery Semily

Riegrova stezka (Rieger's Trail), Via Ferrata

Minimuseum of Glass Nativity Scenes, Železný Brod

Vlastimil Rada City Gallery

Municipal Museum in Železný Brod, ethnographic exposition Běliště

Glass shop, museum, gallery Detesk

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