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Železný Brod – Malá Skála – Turnov

Malá SKála, author: Luděk Antoš
Bohemian Paradise 

In this area the Jizera river passes from a deeply cut valley to a wider valley and loses its fallout and dynamics. From the foothills the river gets into the area of ​​sandstones, which are so typical for the Bohemian Paradise.

From Železný Brod GWJ leaves the valley again and connects the cycle path in Líšný (from the village Líšný, and in the spring months already from Spálov, there starts the ideal section of the Jizera river for paddlers and continues to the confluence with Elbe). Following the cycle path we arrive to the village Malá Skála (sports center), in its center you can see the rock-wall of the Vranov ridge with the Pantheon chapel from the shore.

The trail continue via a relatively wide valley, through the village Rakousy to Dolánky near Turnov, where Dlaskův statek (national cultural monument) and the House of Nature of the Bohemian Paradise are located. It is not necessary to descend from the trail to visit these attractions as they are located directly next to it.

From Dolánky the trail continues along the river-drive to the hydroelectric power plant in Turnov. On the way to Turnov we pass the Hrubý Rohozec Chateau on the other side of the river. The town Turnov called the "heart of the Bohemian Paradise" definitely has something to offer its visitors fromt the historical point of view and attractions as well. In Turnov we also get closest to the phenomenon of the Bohemian Paradise - sandstone rock formations.


Important contacts:

Infoshop Vejměnek – Infocentrum Malá Skála

Vranové 1. part 12, 468 22 Malá Skála

Tel. 773 877 550,

Turnov Regional Tourist Information Center

U.S. Českého ráje 26, 511 01 Turnov

Tel. 481 366 255, 481 366 256,

Sundisk information site

Dolánky u Turnova

Malá Skála, Líšný

phone 775 580 388, 485 100 500,

Association Bohemian Paradise, z.s.

Antonína Dvořáka 335, 511 01 Turnov

phone: 481 540 253,



Vranov castle ruins – Pantheon

The ruins of the castle Frýdštejn

Dlaskův statek, Dolánky u Turnova

House of Nature of the Bohemian Paradise

Hrubý Rohozec Chateau

Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov

Turnov Synagogue

Granát Gallery, Turnov


Our tip: descend the Jizera river from Malá Skála to Turnov on canoe or raft with the possibility to go back on a scooter (contact?)

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